Gutfeld Slams Joy Behar And ‘The View’ As Only He Can: ‘Without Donald Trump, It Would Be A Knitting Circle in Hell’

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld explained why Donald Trump is “the best thing that ever happened to ‘The View'” on Wednesday’s edition of “The Five”

Gutfeld’s comments came during a panel discussion about the ABC daytime talk show’s over-the-top commentary on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, and focused on Joy Behar’s comment about not allowing President Trump to make the pick “when he is under investigation.”

Behar is “relying on an exaggerated emotionalist approach to something she finds disconcerting, and instead of talking about facts and solutions she really just leans into hysterics and hyperbole,” said Kennedy. (RELATED: Joy Behar: How Dare Trump Be Allowed To Pick SCOTUS Replacement ‘When He’s Under Investigation’)

Co-host Jesse Watters noted that liberals want to “caricature” Kavanaugh as a “demon that is trying to injure women and get on the court and protect Trump from impeachment.”

“I’m not going to criticize Joy Behar because I don’t think Joy Behar believes what she says,” added Watters. “I think she’s just saying that for applause.”

“I have to say, Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to ‘The View,'” said Gutfeld. “Without Donald Trump, it would just be a knitting circle in hell. An unfunny version of the Golden Girls. He’s given ’em so much fodder. I admire Joy so much. You have to be superhuman to be this distraught all the time. She’s like a Marvel character that you would call Outrago … They are just screaming about Trump. I tell you, he’s gotta be doing something right if he’s creating that much renewable energy. I mean, they can fuel a power plant.”


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