OKCupid Says Users Sporting ACLU Digital Badge Get More Dates

(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

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The online dating company OkCupid says those who put a pro-American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) badge on their online dating profile are more likely to end up with a date.

The badge, offered nearly a month ago because of an increase in user profile ACLU mentions, is displayed on the user’s profile if they respond yes to a question about whether or not they support the ACLU.

One month in, those who openly support the ACLU by displaying the badge get 15 percent more “likes” and have 10 percent more conversations through the service than those who do not. The ACLU, in turn, gets $1 from the dating site for every user that sports the badge, up to $50,000, a number that has reportedly already been reached.

“100 percent you are more likely to go on a date with the ACLU badge,” CMO Melissa Hobley told The Hill. “What helps inform our decisions on our partnerships, like the ACLU badge, is what we see our users talking about.”

The service also has a question about President Trump.

“The question is actually ‘Trump?’ It’s very simple,” Hobley said. “The options are ‘hell yes,’ ‘hell no,’ ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ and you can skip it. And then you’re asked how important that question is to you. By answering that question you are essentially creating a filter.”

According to Hobley, the dating site isn’t just for ACLU-supporting liberals.

“We welcome all political leanings and all types of people. You can use our ‘filters’ about Trump and other things to find people who might not be on the progressive side,” said Hobley.

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