Syrian Drone Flies Into Israeli Airspace — Receives The Sweet Hebrew Hammer

IDF/Twitter, Screenshot, 07/11/18

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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The Israeli Defense Forces sent a clear message to any enemy of Israel Wednesday: Don’t invade our airspace.

The IDF released a video on Twitter that shows a drone flying through Israeli airspace. According to the tweet, the drone was operated by the Syrian forces. Halfway through the video you can see a Patriot missile intercept the drone and destroy it in a fiery blaze.

The tweet said:

Footage of the Patriot missile intercepting the Syrian UAV that infiltrated Israeli territory today

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said in a statement about the intercept, “After we closely monitored the UAV and ensured that all the necessary conditions were met, we decided to intercept it with one Patriot missile.”

The official statement from the IDF said the drone was unarmed and no one was hurt.

While there are not many details about the UAV at this time, IDF officials have confirmed that it was unarmed. The debris, which fell near the Sea of Galilee, are currently being investigated to determine its model and other relevant information.