‘The View’ Hosts Mock ‘Boring’ CNN

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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“The View” cohosts mocked CNN on Wednesday for being so boring that they turn it on when they want to take naps.


The ladies were discussing whether or not they take naps when cohost Joy Behar joked, “Lately I have been able to, at like 4 o’clock, I can watch CNN or something really, really boring.” (RELATED: CNN Loses To Nickelodeon In Cable Ratings)

Sara Haines and Meghan McCain chuckled in agreement, and Behar added that she sometimes falls asleep to the movie “Casablanca.” (RELATED: CNN Falls To Food Network In Last Week’s Ratings)

“A little CNN will put you right to sleep,” McCain chimed in with a laugh.

“I love Wolf [Blitzer], but he is hypnotic,” Behar said.

McCain burst out laughing again, and the crowd even applauded as Behar trashed the network. (RELATED: CNN Loses In Quarterly Ratings To Home And Garden Television)

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