CNN Mocks Gen. Kelly For Drinking Water During Trump’s NATO Speech

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s “New Day” speculated that Gen. John Kelly was not thrilled with President Trump’s views on NATO — all because he drank water during a breakfast with world leaders.


Trump said during the breakfast with NATO leaders on Wednesday that other countries need to start paying their fair share into the alliance.

According to CNN, Kelly was drinking a lot of water during the meal because he was clearly uncomfortable with Trump’s statements.

“If we have this video, it’d be interesting to see, John Kelly, the chief of staff, spent his life as a general, also Mike Pompeo, a veteran, the secretary of state, I want you to look at their faces, and look at how many drinks of water the chief of staff needs when the president is talking about this,” anchor John Berman said.

“That’s vodka!” anchor Alisyn Camerota joked.

“John Kelly looked away. He’s like, ‘oh boy, here we go again.’ You got the sense that they were not comfortable with the president’s views on this alliance,” Berman asserted.

Christopher Smith contributed to this report. 

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