Reporter Asks French President If Germany ‘Is Beholden’ To Russia — Trump’s Response Slays Room

Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large
President Trump met with multiple European leaders at the NATO summit Wednesday. The tenor of the meetings were tense as Trump used the summit to hammer NATO countries for not paying their fair share of 2-percent GDP.

Trump specifically criticized Germany for the low percentage of GDP the country spends on NATO forces and also hit Germany for their reliance on Russian fossil fuels.

Before meetings with NATO members, the president tweeted, “What good is NATO if Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars for gas and energy?”

Trump continued, “Why are there only 5 out of 29 countries that have met their commitment? The U.S. is paying for Europe’s protection, then loses billions on Trade. Must pay 2 percent of GDP IMMEDIATELY, not by 2025.”

While Trump met with French President Emanuel Macron, a Bloomberg reporter asked if German Chancellor Angela Merkel was “beholden” to the Russians.

Trump gestured at Marcon and quipped, “I’m glad they asked you that.” Macro answered “no” as the room laughed.

According to the pool report:
Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev asked Macron whether he agreed with POTUS that Germany is captive to Russia. Trump acknowledged that he was glad the press was asking Macron that question. Macron responded no


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