Joy Behar Says Trump Set Up Stormy Daniels To Get Arrested [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar said President Donald Trump set up Stormy Daniels to get arrested at a strip club in Ohio because he’s scared of her attorney Michael Avenatti.

The comment came Thursday during a discussion on “The View” after the adult entertainment star was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly letting police officers touch her breasts during her performance, violating  Ohio’s Community Defense Act, which states that individuals who are not family members are prohibited from touching semi-nude or nude dancers.

Behar, however, was convinced this was all about Daniels accusations that she and Trump had an affair in 2006, something the president has denied.

“The real — the question is why is Trump so afraid of Avenatti that he has to send his henchmen out to set up Stormy Daniels,” Behar proclaimed.

Meghan McCain then questioned her co-host, asking whether she “really [thinks] it’s Trump that did it or just police officers trying to—”

Behar then interrupted, saying,  “It comes from Trump. Probably — if you really go back a few people. You know, it’s his office that is looking after — getting Avenatti down, putting him down. Because Avenatti is a street fighter, just like Trump.”

“He’s a guy who says things in nice, clip sentences and he knows what he’s talking about,” she added. “And he’s not lying. And this quote is interesting. He claims to have all the evidence he needs — Avenatti — against Trump. He says, ‘Just like the Nixon tapes years ago, we now have what I will refer to as the Trump tapes. That is scaring the pants off of you know who.'”

McCain snapped back: “Then release them. Show me the money. I think Michael Avenatti is a media person who wants to be on television as much as possible. He said he would be open to running for president, as well. I think if it exists, please, by all means, show me at this point. I’m sick of talking about hypotheticals.”

“Until you do, Michael, Stormy was set up,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected. “Because there were three cops. Listen, how big is this strip club. There were three officers in there. Why were there three? What was wrong with two?”