‘F*ck Trump’ Written In Russian Carved Into Crops In England Along Trump’s Helicopter Path


Mike Brest Reporter
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An English marketing company reportedly wrote “f*ck Trump” in Russian in a crop circle along President Trump’s helicopter path during his trip to England earlier this week.

It appeared on the president’s helicopter ride from London to Chequers on Thursday, according to the Bucks Herald.

The owner of the farm said, “I was approached by an artist who wished to remain anonymous to use one of my crop fields,” in an interview with the Bucks Herald.

“There was a financial transaction, I won’t say how much, but it was remuneration for the damaged crops, which won’t be salvageable,” he continued.

“It’s almost as big as Donald Trump’s ego, so we’re pretty confident he’ll see it,” a spokesperson for The Tenth Man marketing company said. “We wanted to do something impactful that would get people talking ahead of Trump’s arrival, and everyone loves a crop circle mystery.

The point of the joke was clear — Trump’s alleged ties to Russia and his supposed friendship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The two world leaders are scheduled to meet this Monday in Helsinki for another historic summit for President Trump.