Holder: The Argument To Abolish ICE Doesn’t Make Sense, ‘Gives Republicans A Gift’

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Former Attorney General Eric Holder said the abolish ICE movement recently circulated by progressive Democrats doesn’t “make a whole lot of sense” Friday on MSNBC.


“I want to bring up one non-Russia related issue and this is this new call by a lot of progressive Democrats that says get rid of I.C.E. What do you make of those calls and what would you say to them?” asked host Chuck Todd.

“I don’t think that substantively or politically that makes a great deal of sense. I think I.C.E. obviously needs to be reformulated, it needs to be reformed, but I think we need to focus on that which is most important and that’s the separation of these kids from their parents,” Holder said.

He continued, “Now, I.C.E. played a role in that but I think in some ways you’re giving the Republicans a gift by saying we’re going to have a debate about now whether I.C.E. should be abolished and the focus ought to be on what this administration did to those children.”

Progressive Democrats have pushed for abolishing ICE, and even Congressmen like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabath Warren has called for “replacing ICE.” (RELATED: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Latest Democrat To Call For ‘Replacing ICE’)

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