MSNBC Guest Explodes On Republicans At Strzok Hearing

MSNBC 7/13/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” guest Donny Deutsch went after Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee for their behavior during a public hearing with FBI’s infamous Peter Strzok on the show Thursday morning.


“They should be ashamed of themselves. And I do believe if anybody watches this, they will understand why there will be this blue wave, because people are just fed up with these pathetic sniveling little cowards,” Deutsch stated.

“Every judge, every FBI agent, every police officer, every congressman, every — has a bias. It doesn’t mean they bring it to their job,” he continued.

Deutsch went on to criticize the House Judiciary Committee for holding a hearing about this but not “after kids are killed by guns in schools,” adding that “we can’t get a committee meeting when kids are being ripped from their parents’ arms, but we can get a committee meeting on these texts. Shame on these pathetic Republicans.”

FBI agent Strzok spent ten hours in a public hearing on Thursday. Many Republican congressmen went after Strzok for his seemingly bias investigation into both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Republican Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe got into a particularly fiery exchange Strzok. (RELATED: Texas Congressman Takes Strzok Out Back For A Beating: ‘Sir, I’m Done With This Witness)