Parental Rights Advocate Says Ontario Teachers ‘Relieved’ Over End Of Graphic Sex-Ed For Kids

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The new Conservative government of Ontario made the decision to drop a graphic sex education program for elementary school kids, which is outraging some educators.

Teachers have taken to social media to claim they won’t cooperate but a parental rights advocate told The Daily Caller that she believes most teachers are “relieved.” But another “sexuality educator” in Toronto wants to protest in another way. She’s started a GoFundMe campaign to keep the school curriculum alive on the internet.

As CBC News reports, Nadine Thornhill has raised $5,000 so far in her bid to present the previous Liberal government’s controversial sex education course on YouTube. But the money hasn’t been rolling in overnight. She started the site soon after the June 8 election of Premier Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservatives, betting that they would fulfill a campaign promise to eliminate a sex-ed program that discusses gay sex and masturbation with pre-pubescent children.

“I’m going to be teaching so that teachers or even parents who want to share this information at home will have an example of how to do that and they’ll have access to all of the information,” Thornhill told CBC News.

But the woman most responsible for the demise of the sex-ed program says the opposition to the plan is grossly exaggerated. Tanya Granic Allen, a family values activist who also ran for the leadership of the Ontario Conservatives along with Ford, opposed the new curriculum when it was first introduced in 2015, primarily because it received almost no parental input.

“Most teachers I have spoken with are relieved to not be forced to teach this radical curriculum any longer,” Allen told The Daily Caller Friday.

“As for the rogue teachers, they must teach the prescribed curriculum. That’s their job. Parents expect teachers to do their job, and not take liberties with unsanctioned social engineering.”

Allen says it will be necessary to carefully monitor the removal of the Liberal program with its eventual replacement.

“To ensure the full repeal, the Minister of Education needs to require all teachers not to teach children any of the age-inappropriate or culturally insensitive parts of the current curriculum. At the top of the list, children should not be taught the ‎unscientific and controversial gender theory.”

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