Trump Singles Out Reporter Wearing A Hat And Makes Him Take It Off — Audience Roars

Screenshot, FOX

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May held a press conference Friday morning in London amid controversy over the president’s criticism of the United States’ NATO allies.

Trump was in an unexpected war of words with PM May in the English press. The press conference, however, presented a different tune.

Both world leaders joked and complimented each other as the “strongest” of allies. The nearly fifty-minute presser was chock-full of impressive comments from both the press and two world leaders. In one particularly lighthearted moment, Trump called on Jeff Mason from Reuters, complimenting his hat:

“I like your hat,” Trump said, telling the crowd, “He looks good without it. A good, solid head of hair.”

Mason, who is bald, said, “Thank you, sir. I don’t have a solid head of hair.”

“I know exactly what you have, Jeff,” Trump quipped. “Come on Jeff, take it off, please.”

At that moment, Fox News John Roberts reached over and took off the hat.

“Okay,” Mason said, putting his hat back on as the press corps erupted in laughter.

“I like you better without the hat,” Trump said.

Mason took off the hat entirely saying, “There we go.”

Mason eventually asked about Syria and Russian influence in the country.