Donald Trump: ‘Everyone Wants Me To’ Run Again In 2020

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump confirmed that he plans on running for reelection in 2020 in an interview with Piers Morgan.

“It seems like everybody wants me to,” Trump said in the interview, which was published Sunday.

When the president was asked about potential Democratic challengers and if he thought any of them had a chance to beat him, he said, “No. I don’t see anybody. I know them all and I don’t see anybody.”

Morgan’s interview took place on Air Force One during one of President Trump’s flights around the United Kingdom.

Many Democrats have been linked to a potential 2020 campaign, including Senators Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, Bernie Sanders from Vermont, and Kamala Harris from California. Former Vice President Biden has also considered a run, but is set to decide after the November’s midterm elections. Hillary Clinton has also been linked to the nomination as well.