Ontario And Trudeau Government In War Of Words Over Illegal Immigrants

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The province of Ontario is locked in a war of words with the Trudeau government over illegal immigration.

Lisa MacLeod, Ontario’s minister responsible for immigration, is demanding an apology from Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, calling him a “bully” after Hussen called her “un-Canadian” because she insists illegal border crossers be called illegal. (RELATED: Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Objects To Calling Illegals ‘Illegal Border Crossers”)

According to Global News, MacLeod demanded the apology after Ontario refused to sign on to a federal immigration strategy on Friday.

Hussen chastised the Ontario government for not showing solidarity with the Trudeau government that insists Canada has an obligation to process “irregular” border crossers.

MacLeod would not stand with Hussen or the provincial cabinet ministers when he made the announcement. Hussen called out the Ontario representative at the announcement.

“I see the minister is in the room but not joining us at the podium,” Hussen told the news conference. “It’s not too late, minister, I encourage you to come join us, you’re part of the Canadian family.”

Hussen has been highly critical of the Ontario’s new Conservative government and its premier, Doug Ford, who has demanded the Trudeau government pay the costs for the huge influx of illegals now entering Ontario and specifically the capitol of Toronto.

Saying that kind of talk creates “fear and division,” Hussen suggested that Ford is using illegals for political purposes.

“Intentionally doing this is irresponsible, it’s divisive, it’s fear-mongering and it’s not Canadian and it is very dangerous,” he told the news conference.

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