CNN’s Anderson Cooper Compares Trump To Autistic ‘Rain Man’ For Bringing Up Clinton Email Scandal

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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper compared President Donald Trump to Kim Peek, also known as “Rain Man,” on CNN’s “Inside Politics” Monday, for continually mentioning former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

“I just can’t imagine being Vladimir Putin and actually hearing the president of the United States go back to the well of Hillary Clinton’s server and the 30,000 e-mails and all this stuff, which he’s been you know, like Rain Man, going back to time and time again for years now,” Cooper said. (RELATED: Mediaite Falsely Accuses Anderson Cooper Of Blasphemy)

Peek was played by Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 Academy Award winning film “Rain Man,” co-starring Tom Cruise. It was about a gifted genius who also suffered from debilitating autism and had a tendency to repeat thoughts out loud, over and over.

Cooper failed to take his own advice on repetition.


“But to hear him on the world stage doing that standing next to Vladimir Putin, I mean with all the research Putin’s done, it’s got to have been a surreal moment for Vladimir Putin to actually hear him return to something he has just — it’s like some sort of — I mean it’s like Rain Man, going back to this thing time after time,” Cooper continued.

Cooper’s colleague Dana Bash agreed with his assessment and called the Clinton email scandal Trump’s “go-to” issue, to avoid having to talk about Russia.

“Right. It’s his go-to,” she replied. “We cannot emphasize enough that in the president’s mind, he hears Russia, he hears election meddling, he hears my presidency is illegitimate and that’s why he the president does that.”

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