Putin Explained Away Russian Hackers Because It Exposed Corruption In DNC

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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In a Monday interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Russian president Vladimir Putin explained away hackers in the 2016 presidential election, saying the information exposed from the DNC “is true. And the Democratic leadership admitted it.”


“If you will have some patience, you will hear the entire response. I said this in 2016, and I say it now. The idea was about hacking an email account of a Democratic candidate. Was it some rigging of facts? Was it some forgery of facts? That’s the important thing that I am trying to — point that I’m trying to make,” Putin said.

“Was this — any false information planted? No it wasn’t. These hackers that are being discussed — and I’ll get back to it; just bear with me for a moment — as we’re getting told, they hacked a certain email account and there was information about manipulations conducted within the Democratic Party to incline the process in favor of one candidate. And as far as I know, the entire party leadership resigned. They admitted the fact of their manipulations. So, that’s one thing — that manipulation is where public opinion should stop, and an apology should be made to the public at large, instead of looking for the responsible — the party at fault.” Putin said.

“But Mr. President, may I just say you’re indicating that they stole real money not counterfeit money. So, are you saying it’s okay because the facts that they took from the DNC — from John Podesta — it was their real emails, so it’s okay to hack, and spread this information out, and interfere with the election?” asked Wallace.

Putin continued, “Listen to me, please. The information that I am aware of, there’s nothing false about it. Every single grain of it is true. And the Democratic leadership admitted it.”

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