Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Trump A ‘Wet Noodle’ For Press Conference Performance

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger went after President Trump on Instagram Monday night for the comments he made during a joint press conference between him and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President Trump, remember, America first.

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“President Trump, I just saw your press conference with President Putin, and it was embarrassing. I mean you stood there like a little wet noodle  — like a little fanboy,” Schwarzenegger stated. “When are you going to ask him for an autograph or a selfie or something like that?”

“You literally sold out at this press conference our intelligence community, justice system and, worst of all, our country. You’re the President of the United States. You shouldn’t do that,” he continued.

The actor turned politician then compared Trump’s words on Monday to former President Reagan demanding Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader of the Soviet Union, to tear down the Berlin Wall while giving a speech there in 1987.

Many politicians and political pundits have expressed similar responses, with one congressman even implicitly suggesting the military throw a coup to get Trump out of power. (RELATED: House Democrat Calls For ‘Military Folks’ To Stop Trump)