Trump On Merkel: ‘She’s Been Very Badly Hurt By Immigration’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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President Trump zeroed in on German Chancellor Angela Merkel over immigration, saying “she’s been very badly hurt” by Germany’s immigration policies in an interview Tuesday.


“Having met with, talked to, watched carefully Angela Merkel in Germany, Vladimir Putin in Russia, who do you think from the perspective of their countries does a better job representing the interest again of their countries?” asked Fox News Tucker Carlson.

The president shied away from Putin and focused on the German Chancellor instead.
“So, Angela was a superstar until she allowed millions of people to come into Germany.  That really hurt her badly as you know.  She was unbeatable in any election,” Trump said.
He continued, “She allowed millions of people to come in and when they came into Germany, they passed everywhere else and they went to lots of other countries, although Hungary would not take any and a lot of people in, but what happened is it was the great migration and obviously, it’s hurt Angela very much.”
“I don’t want to say who is better and who is not, but I will say this, she’s been very badly hurt by immigration – very, very badly,” Trump said.

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