Reporters Surround Kellyanne Conway To Ask If Trump Will ‘Denounce’ Putin

Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway had a blunt answer for reporters asking about Putin as they followed her down the White House driveway Wednesday.

Reporters chased after Conway as she headed toward the West Wing after a morning Fox News hit., shouting questions about Russia.

“President stands with the intelligence community,” Conway said bluntly. “He knows Russia meddled in the election.”

Conway then turned her sights on the reporters themselves, saying that they “promised” their viewers that Russian collusion “swung an election result,” saying, “But you have no evidence, which, I guess, is why you moved on.”

Conway said that Russian President Putin and President Trump discussed a range of issues. The press gaggle shouted more questions about Trump denouncing Putin and inconsistencies in the White House messaging on Russian meddling.

“The president looked at the transcript. He said ‘wouldn’t,’ not ‘would,’ a double negative,” Conway explained.

The White House counselor then asked again why the press was not covering more than just the election meddling.

President Trump faced broad outrage over comments he made during the Helsinki, Finland, summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday. Trump was criticized for not being more forceful with the Russian leader and for not backing up U.S. intelligence findings of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump clarified his comments in a short statement at the White House on Tuesday, when he voiced supporting of the U.S. intelligence agencies.


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