MSNBC Talks To People on The Street, Realizes A Lot Of People Support The President

Youtube screenshot from GOP 7/18/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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MSNBC left Washington, D.C., and went out to Kenosha County, Wisconsin, to interview President Trump supporters about their thoughts on Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a clip that aired on Wednesday morning.


“Well, he did get some Republican backlash, and I think they just didn’t hear the whole story before they started coming after him. So he was trying to appease them a little bit,” John Poole, a Trump supporter said.

“I’m totally in support of him. He’s an entrepreneur, he’s a business man, working class person’s president. He’s trying to make this country great again,” another supporter stated.

NBC correspondent Morgan Radford spoke to a handful of people in the clip, and they all shared their support and love for the president.

Someone else added, “I’m not one bit worried about the rest of the world. They ain’t worried about us.”

Kenosha County went blue in 2012 and then went red during the last election.