North Carolina DMV Relents, Approves Lesbian’s Customized License Plate Request

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Mike Brest Reporter
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The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles approved a woman’s request for a license plate that read “LSBNSNLV,” which is shorthand for “lesbians in love,” after initially rejecting the request earlier on Wednesday.

The DMV overturned their original decision, saying, “It was a mistake to have rejected it in the first place.”

According to Amy Bright, the woman who had her request denied originally, said that she wanted the license plate to honor her wife of eight years.

“I think that’s ridiculous. I’m trying to celebrate the love I have for my wife, so I don’t see how that’s in poor taste,” Amy Bright said to the News & Observer. “How can a celebration of love ever be in poor taste?”

The DMV issued a statement earlier this week saying that they have the right to refuse any license plate that they deem to be “offensive to good taste and decency,” according to the Associated Press.

The Supreme Court has previously ruled that license plates are technically government property, and thus, DMVs have the right to accept or reject requests. The DMV’s statement also added that they have rejected approximately 7,000 license plates over the years.