‘Totally Out Of Control’ — Sarah Sanders Calls Out The Media For Reporting Literal Fake News

Justin Caruso Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called out “massive media hysteria” to a room full of reporters during the press briefing Wednesday.


“What about the response to the arrest and indictment of a Russian national who is accused of trying to infiltrate America organizations on the right and try to influence American politics,” a reporter asked.

“Certainly we’re looking at that,” Sanders said. “Just to clarify, there was massive media hysteria yesterday over confusion between that individual and a White House staffer which I think shows frankly the outrageousness and the, just desire to find the negative in everything that this president does just because somebody was simply red-headed, they were accused of being some sort of spy for Russia.”

“I think this has gotten totally out of control. You have to step back, slow down and quit going after the Trump administration on every single thing,” she added. (RELATED: Reporters Shout At Sarah Sanders As She Enters The State Dinner With France — She Makes Them Eat Snails)

When the reporter attempted to follow up, Sanders shot back: “This is a lengthy process. We’re going through it. However, I do have a response that simply because somebody had the same hair color, they were accused of being a Russian spy by a lot of people in this room.”

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