Supreme Court Earns Highest Approval Rating In Nearly A Decade: Gallup Poll

Reuters, Erin Schaff

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Public opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court has reached its highest mark since 2009, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

“A majority of Americans, 53 percent, approve of the job the Supreme Court is doing, the highest rating since 2009 and a slight improvement from September’s 49 percent,” the poll states.

A whopping 72 percent of Republicans rubber-stamp the Court’s job performance, and a majority of politically independents (52 percent) also approve.

The poll also notes that 21 percent of respondents claim the Court is “too liberal,” 29 percent respond with “too conservative,” and 44 percent say it’s “about right.” (RELATED: Former Clerk Touts Kavanaugh As Possibly Most Qualified Nominee ‘In Generations’)

In 2015, Republican approval was incredibly low, at a mere 19 percent. Uncoincidentally, Democratic approval in the same year rose to an all-time high since 2009, at 76 percent. (RELATED: Establishment Media Seems Awfully Hesitant To Describe SCOTUS Nominees As ‘Liberal’: Study)

Some of the latest criticism of President Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh came from Hilary Clinton who implied last week that the judge will attempt to reverse “workers’ rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, women’s rights, including those to make our own health decisions,” and would take our country “back to the 1850s.” (RELATED: Liberal Group Behind Kavanaugh Resistance Is Hiding Its Funding)

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