What Is The Most American Dinner?

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Aaron Andrews Contributor
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American food is the best. Sure, the French may have their gourmet restaurants, the Germans may have the best sausage, and the English may have … the best tea … or something, but the United States has a reputation for doing the most unbelievable things with sugar, cheese and bacon.

You can make the case that these ingredients are unhealthy, and not very many people would argue with you. American food isn’t healthy. That’s not the point. It’s just delicious.

We at The Caller are curious about our readers’ consensus. What is the best American dinner?

It would take way too long to list every great American meal. There are just too many. But we came up with a short list of representative samples.

Warning: apple pie did not make the cut. We know. It’s an American icon. But we wanted to dig a little deeper. Besides, we all know it would have won by a landslide.

Vote on the most American dinner bellow, and leave us a comment sharing your personal favorites.