Refugees From War-Torn Syria Now Fleeing New Jersey Because Of High Taxes And Violence

Chris Gregory/Oxfam/Handout via REUTERS

Geoff Harbaugh Contributor
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Syrian refugees recently placed in New Jersey are now leaving the state because of high cost of living, low quality housing, high taxes and safety concerns, reports.

At Ktuf is a Syrian refugee who arrived in the United States in the summer of 2016, and planning on leaving New Jersey for Michigan next month. Ktuf told the reason she is leaving New Jersey for Michigan: “Over there, you can dream of buying a house, but here you can’t. Costs are so high, and taxes are so high.”

Ktuf’s brother in law moved to Dearborn last month, and was able to find a home with four bedrooms, a backyard and a garage for $1,200 a month.

Mohammad Hial is one of seven Syrian refugees telling the paper they are leaving or planning on leaving New Jersey this summer. Hial left New Jersey for Michigan last week. “This state (New Jersey) is very expensive,” Hial stated.

Sikander Khan, who head’s Global Emergency Response and Assistance said in addition to economic reasons, “Syrians are leaving Patterson because of safety concerns.”

Nour, a Syrian refugee who left the country after civil war broke out, was interviewed by The Bergen Record, but asked to only be identified by his first name for “safety concerns.” Last month Nour was hit over the head with a metal pipe and robbed of $2,800. Nour told caseworkers, he was “considering moving to Turkey because of crime.” Nour added his two daughters, 14 and 16, “no longer want to leave the apartment.”

Of the seven families interviewed, five are headed to Michigan. As refugees, many Syrians are eligible for rent assistance for up to 24 months. It looks like after the rent assistance runs out, many Syrians are not happy with Democratic stronghold New Jersey, and fleeing to other states with better opportunities.