Roseanne Explodes On Valerie Jarrett: ‘I Thought The Bitch Was White!’

Roseanne goes after Jarrett again (Roseanne Youtube screenshot)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Comedian Roseanne Barr screamed, “I thought the bitch was white!” about Valerie Jarrett, the Obama official who was the target of Barr’s racial tirade that ended the reboot of her once-popular show, “Roseanne,” in a video she posted on YouTube on Thursday.

“I thought the bitch was white! God dammit, I thought the bitch was white! Fuck!” she yelled.

Roseanne was smoking and appeared disheveled in the video.

“I’m trying to talk about Iran. I’m trying to talk about Valerie Jarrett wrote the Iran deal. That’s what my tweet was about,” she continued to scream.

The actress apologized to Jarrett after the tweets went viral.

“It’s really hard to say this but, I didn’t mean what they think I meant,” said Barr, in an interview the day after Roseanne was canceled. “And that’s what’s so painful. But I have to face that it hurt people. When you hurt people even unwillingly there’s no excuse.” (RELATED: Roseanne Barr Speaks Out About ABC Ouster In Emotional Interview)

ABC has announced their plans for a spinoff of the Roseanne reboot featuring many of the same characters from the first two renditions. (RELATED: REPORT: ABC Looking To Salvage ‘Roseanne’ Cast With New Series)