Former ICE Acting Director Shreds Michelle Wolf For ‘Repulsive’ ICE-ISIS Video

Fox News 7/21/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan on Saturday had harsh criticism for comedian Michelle Wolf, who released a video mocking the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and comparing it to ISIS.


“It’s the most repulsive thing I’ve seen in my 34 years. I heard you say earlier that ‘I’m angry.’ You’re damn right I’m angry because that’s repulsive and I should be outraged by that comment,” Homan said on “Cavuto Live” Saturday morning.  (RELATED: Michelle Wolf’s ‘ICE Is’ Skit Paints Agency As Terror Group Desperate For Recruits)

“Let me tell you the joint terrorism task force we are an agency that supports a joint terrorism task force with the FBI, we have the most participants of any federal agency, we investigate terrorism organizations,” he continued. “We have arrested terrorists inside the United States and deported them.”

“Yeah, ISIS who cut their heads off people. It’s just ridiculous. We’ve  saved over several thousand children from drug traffickers. We have arrested from child predators, we’ve arrested over 2,000 child predators that have trafficking and children for sexual exploitation and pornography,” Homan stated.

Wolf’s skit began by depicting all illegal immigrants as normal Americans. Conversely, every ICE agent was depicted as a racist thug just looking for an excuse to attack someone.

There was also the undeniable comparison between ICE and ISIS, mostly seen during the final scene where Michelle Wolf, acting as DHS Head Kirstjen Nielsen, is standing with two masked ICE agents holding black flags.