Rep. McCaul: ‘Nearly Every Democrat Voted For My Bill’ To Reauthorize ICE A Year Ago

Fox News 7/21/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Representative Michael McCaul pointed out Saturday morning that nearly every Democrat voted for his bill to reauthorize ICE a year ago despite their new energy to abolish the agency.


“The irony, Neil, is that a year ago today, nearly every Democrat voted for my bill to fully authorize ICE into law for the first time ever, including Nancy Pelosi, including the Democrat who introduced the bill to abolish ICE,” McCaul stated on “Cavuto Live” Saturday morning.

“They brought this fight on when they wanted to abolish ICE, so we wanted to call their bluff and say ‘okay, great.’ Then why don’t you vote for your bill,” he continued about the recent movement to disband ICE. “Then they backed off and said we’re going to vote against our bill to abolish ICE and that’s precisely the time we put a bill in favor of supporting our men and women and ICE who protect Americans every day from drug traffickers.”

House lawmakers voted for a resolution that supports ICE officials and explicitly condemns Democrats’ calls to abolish the agency earlier this week. A majority of the Democrats voted “present,” which is not an explicit response either way. (RELATED: 34 Democrats, 1 Republican Vote ‘No’ On Resolution To Support ICE)

McCaul was referencing the DHS Authorization Act of 2017, which passed in the house a year ago on July 20, by a vote of 386-41. 32 Democrats and 9 Republicans voted against it.

Of the three Democrats who recently sponsored a bill that would effectively abolish ICE, Rep. Mark Pocan voted to support the agency a year ago. (RELATED: Democrats Introduce Bill To Abolish ICE, GOP Fires Back)