Pastor Robert Jeffress Explains Why Many Christians Still Support President Trump Despite Tape Scandals

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Pastor Robert Jeffress on Friday explained why Christians like himself still support President Trump despite recent controversies surrounding alleged affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal over a decade ago.

To Jeffress, who responded to an anti-Trump pastor who said Trump supporters “sold their souls,” what Trump may or may have done with former Playboy models pales in comparison to the policies he actually espouses and implements.


“Nobody has sold his soul to support President Trump,” said Jeffress to guest-host Ed Henry on “Fox News at Night.”

This is not an unusual thing. We’ve been here before. Back in 1980, evangelicals chose to support a twice-married Hollywood actor who was a known womanizer in Hollywood. His name was Ronald Reagan. They chose to support him over Jimmy Carter, a born-again Baptist Sunday school teacher who had been faithfully married to one woman. The reason we supported President Reagan was not because we supported womanizing or divorce. We supported his policies. And that’s true here, Ed. We are choosing to support his policies. We’re not under any illusion that we were voting for an altar boy when we voted for President Trump. We knew about his past. And by the way, none of us has a perfect past. We voted for him because of his policies.

“We don’t look to Washington D.C. to bring revival to the United States,” added Jeffress. “That’s the job of the church of Jesus Christ. Government has a responsibility to maintain order and to preserve citizens’ freedom. That’s exactly what President Trump is doing.” (RELATED: Christian Theologian Makes Case That God Supports Trump’s Border Wall)

“We believe that sin is sin, but we also believe that all of us, whether it’s the president or you or I, can find forgiveness in Jesus Christ,” said Jeffress.

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