Tom Perez’s Russia Comments Have People Flashing Back To Mitt Romney 2012

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez took a page from the Mitt Romney 2012 campaign when he discussed foreign policy with CNN’s Dana Bash on Saturday. Perez told Bash during an Ozyfest panel that “Russia is our most serious adversary.”

But just six short years ago, when then Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney named Russia as America’s “greatest geopolitical foe,” President Obama slapped him back with a dad joke: “The 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back.”

The Democratic Party at the time stood with Obama, claiming that Romney was “not ready” for the presidency if his foreign policy was that naive.

Perez had also criticized President Donald Trump over his handling of the meeting and press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier in the weak, calling it “a shameful display of cowardice and capitulation.”