Georgia State Rep. Screams N-Word, Shows Bare Butt To Fight Terrorism On Baron Cohen’s Newest Episode

YouTube screenshot from slickgrande

Mike Brest Reporter
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Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer became one of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest victims on the newest episode of Cohen’s television show “Who Is America?” that premiered Sunday.

Baron Cohen convinced the official to shout the n-word and show his naked backside in the latest episode.


Cohen was disguised as Israeli terrorism expert and former Mossad agent, Col. Erran Morad and he was there to help Spencer learn from the Israelis how to effectively fight terrorism.

He began by discussing Spencer’s bill that would’ve banned people from covering their face in public, which some said specifically attacked Muslim women who wear burqas.

Cohen then showed the rep. that the way to distinguish a terrorist wearing a burqa and an ordinary person is to discretely take a photo up someone’s burqa.

The comedian later suggested to Spencer that he could be the victim of a kidnapping attack and said that the way to prevent it would be to draw attention to himself by shouting the n-word, and he obliged.

“Are you crazy? The ‘N-word’ is noony, not this word — this word is disgusting,” Cohen said.

In a later scene, Cohen suggested that a way to thwart a terrorist attack is to charge at a terrorist backward, bare butt showing, because, “ISIS is scared of being seen as homo.”

The episode also featured Dick Cheney and Ted Koppel.

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston demanded that state Rep. Jason Spencer resign over this episode, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“Sacha Baron Cohen and his associates took advantage of my paralyzing fear that my family would be attacked,”  Spencer said in the AJC article.