Rate Which Of Hillary Clinton’s Outfits Was The Most Heinous

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Annie Caputo Contributor
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Hillary Clinton is known for many things, but she is arguably best known for her vast collection of pantsuits. While the pantsuit has been properly executed by many female celebrities in the past, for some reason, Hillary just can’t seem to get it right.

While, at first, the pantsuits were somewhat standard in style and size, as Clinton has grown older (and wider), the jacket portion of the pantsuit has slowly increased in size. Eventually, the jacket ceased to be a jacket at all and evolved into large, tented tunics. While this style was most definitely an attempt to create a more flattering silhouette, the ill-fitting jackets have just done the opposite.

As I have watched the evolution of Hillary’s “power-suits” in recent years, particularly throughout the election, I just can’t seem to discern which of her looks has been the worst. Go through these seven outfits, and rate which one you think is the ugliest. Then leave a comment telling us which was your least favorite below!