Gov. Cuomo: Trump Is Waging ‘Jihad’ On Illegal Immigrants

Fox and Friends 7/24/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo accused President Trump and his administration of waging “jihad” against illegal immigrants during a press conference when he pardoned seven former criminals who were facing deportation on Monday.

“Fox & Friends” discussed his comments on Tuesday.


“This administration is on a crusade against people who they do not consider original Americans,” Cuomo stated. “What they have done at the border is an example of it — what they have done in Puerto Rico and they are on a jihad to deport as many people as they can who they believe are not in the United States legally.”

Ainsley Earhardt responded to Cuomo’s comments on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, saying, “This is the third time he has pardoned a group of individuals — yesterday, pardoning seven more facing deportation for previous minor convictions. In December, he pardoned 18 individuals. Just a clear shot at President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy.”

“It’s clearly … this is something that they weren’t doing during the Obama administration,” Todd Piro stated. “This is something that they’re focused on doing now because the president wants to do X, they are going to do Y. It raises the question, is this strategy a successful strategy?”

Each of the seven people that received a pardon from Cuomo has allegedly lived a crime-free life over the last seven years. (RELATED: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Pardons 7 Ex-Criminal Immigrants To Prevent Their Deportation)