Keane: Trump Is ‘The First President That’s Pushing Back’ Since 1980

Fox Business 7/24/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Retired four-star general and Fox Business Network contributor Jack Keane complimented the Trump administration for their stance on Iran during a Fox News Business segment on Tuesday morning.


“To be frank about it, this is the first administration that’s pushed back on Iran from 1980. Thirty-eight years, whether it’s been Republican or Democrat there. The fact is that Iran has a brilliant strategy that they’ve executed to some degree of success by using proxies to do their bidding for them,” Keane said. “And by using proxies, it’s sort of paralyzed our decision making to take adverse actions against them.”

“This national security team that we’ve got in place here is as good as I’ve ever seen, and Mike Pompeo is a star in that group. He’s amazing and that speech really deserves to be read twice,” he continued.

President Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran Deal, a staple of the Obama administration, back in May. He has railed against the 2015 nuclear agreement for its failure to address Iran’s activities throughout the Middle East and its perceived effectiveness longterm. (RELATED: Tears In Tehran: Trump Pulls Us Out Of Iran Nuclear Deal)