Kyle Kashuv Makes The Case For Arming Teachers In The Classroom: ‘We Have To Do What Works’

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Parkland school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv made the case for arming teachers in the classroom on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday and said the measure is needed to deter future attacks.

Kashuv, the Turning Point USA high school director, claimed features like facial recognition software for school cameras have been “cumbersome and ineffective” and suggested arming school staff instead. (RELATED: Newt Gingrich Thinks America Should Arm It’s Teachers)

“I think first we have to do what works and has been proven to work and that is making sure we have armed individuals and then have [facial recognition] as an additional factor of security,” Kashuv said. “First we have to do what works and that’s arming teachers and staff and having guards at school that can act immediately.”

Kashuv said the staff would have to be properly trained in the use of firearms before the program could be implemented.


“We just have to make sure the people who do have guns are properly trained,” he added. “It’s been proven that if they’re trained and they act immediately then they deter attacks.”

Kashuv said schools are particularly vulnerable because they are considered gun-free zones and this creates a “soft target” for would be mass shooters.

“We have to make sure that every single school across the nation has a high level of security and we have to make sure that every single school is armed,” he continued. “Basically a target that is soft, there aren’t guns protecting the school it seems soft. It entices the shooter to come to the school because they know it’s a weak target. Ninety-seven percent of public mass shootings occur in gun-free zones.”

“I think that right now who we should be focusing on what works. Implementing that and then move on to other measures,” Kashuv concluded.

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