Conservative Guest On MSNBC: Trump Has Made The Party ‘Dumber, Crueler, More Dishonest’

MSNBC 7/24/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Conservative political pundit Charlie Sykes attacked President Trump for his supposedly negative impact on the Republican Party during a “Morning Joe” segment on Tuesday morning.


“The problem is that, you know, Trumpism is making the conservative movement of the Republican Party —  it is making it dumber, crueler, more dishonest, more disconnected with reality, more extreme,” Sykes stated.

“I think they’re going to pay a price. The Republican Party and the conservative movement need to be more than a culture personality and slogan on the hat. I think this is the balancing act,” he continued. “How much are you willing to give up? How many of your principles — how many lies — are you willing to accept? How many outrages are you willing to enable and rationalize? What sort of behavior are conservatives willing to accept?”

Sykes, a self-identified conservative, has been a never-Trumper since before the 2016 presidential election. The pundit published a book entitled, “How The Right Lost Its Mind,” last October.

To make things even better, Morning Joe’s phone accidentally rang during the beginning of the segment.