Store And Protect Your Extra Files With A Military-Grade Flash Drive That’s 52% Off

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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When you don’t have enough memory on your hard drive, it’s time to either store your data in the cloud or get a flash drive to supplement those extra files. If you prefer storing your data locally, then a robust and secure flash drive is your best option. With the 16GB USB 2.0 AES 256-Bit Encrypted Flash Drive, get military-grade hardware encryption with a lot of memory space, so every bit of your data is safe no matter where you take it.

Normally $125, this encrypted flash drive is 52 percent off

Normally $125, this encrypted flash drive is 52 percent off

16GB USB 2.0 AES 256-Bit Encrypted Flash Drive on sale for $59.99

This highly portable flash drive gives you everything you need to store and secure your additional files. Meaning, you’ll get 16GB of AES 256-bit encrypted storage that fits in your pocket. Not only is that enough space to store all your documents, photos, and videos, but it’s also under the same level of encryption used by the US military, so you can rest easy knowing everything you have on it is safe.

On top of that, since the flash drive stays with you and doesn’t require an internet connection like the cloud, you’re able to transfer files, organize your data, and extend your computer’s capacity more freely. Plus, the flash drive’s sturdy design and unique aesthetic will remind you that your data is secure at all times, giving you peace of mind while starting some interesting conversations around the water cooler.

Store and protect your additional files with the 16GB USB 2.0 AES 256-Bit Encrypted Flash Drive for $59.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 52% off the original price of $125.

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Jack Kocsis