Trump Drops Signature Line On VA Staff That Neglect America’s Vets — The Crowd Goes BANANAS

Credit: FOX

John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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Donald Trump dropped his signature line at his address in Kansas City, Missouri, Tuesday afternoon and the crowd absolutely lost it.


“We have enacted some of the largest VA reforms in the history of the VA,” he said. “Probably the largest. Last year I signed into law the landmark VA accountability owing act, which nobody thought we could get approved. Nobody. We are good at getting things approved.

“Now, when a bad person, maybe a federal employee, in this case … somebody bad, mistreats or neglects or abuses our great veterans in their time of need, we can turn to them and look them in the eye and say, ‘You are fired, get out, get out,” he continued.

Naturally, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause at Trump’s usage of his signature line.

“Before there was nothing you could do. You had to live with these people. You have gotten rid of a lot of people over the last year, only the bad ones. The good ones we cherish, we cherish the good ones. But we had some bad apples and they are gone.”