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Morning Mirror: Martha Raddatz Takes Moment To Make Trump-Media Relations Worse

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I think condescension is one of the worst problems on Twitter, but of course most of you are too ignorant to realize that.”

Jeryl Bier, freelance writer, The Weekly Standard.

Martha Raddatz reminds everyone she reported from foxholes 

In an op-ed for WaPo, Raddatz, ABC’s chief global affairs correspondent, pens a piece about President Trump continuously trashing the media.

“I have shared foxholes and flight decks with these brave Americans, and I have felt our mutual respect for the responsibility that each of us holds in our chosen professions. It has been an honor covering them and the families who support them. I am proud that I can tell their stories.”

Raddatz writes that she fears Trump’s vitriol for the press in his public speeches will make it hard for future reporters covering wars.

But really, don’t forget all that she has done.

Tamron Hall reacts to Lovato news

“On my way to an event in tears listening to #DemiLovato ‘Tell Me You Love Me’. We do and we are with you.” — Tamron Hall, host of Deadline Crime. Lovato, 25, has suffered a possible heroin overdose. Law enforcement sources told TMZ it “appeared” to be heroin. She’s reportedly in stable condition.

All is quiet at Breitbart News — but maybe too quiet? 

“I wrote about how the media’s fascination with Breitbart has pretty much come to an end — and why that could spell trouble for the site.” — Oliver Darcy, media writer, CNN.

“But now, more than a year and a half into the Trump presidency, much of the interest seems to have dissipated. As the website’s traffic declines each month, and without [Steve] Bannon in the White House or at Breitbart directing coverage, journalists are considerably less interested in what the fledging operation is up to.”

A Breitbart spokesman, Brian Glicklich, told CNN that Breitbart doesn’t care about what CNN thinks of them: “According to Alexa, Breitbart is the 65th largest website in the United States, and CNN’s opinion of our relevance is meaningless and immaterial to our audience.”

Sources quoted are “close to the website” as well as a BuzzFeed reporter (???) and former Breitbart News spokesman Kurt Bardella, who clearly hates his ex-employer.

Ex-publicist Chad Wilkinson is also quoted. He says interest in the site may have waned  “because there is nobody left they can try to paint as a Nazi or white supremacist.”

Read the rest here.

Reminder: Several women accused Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment 

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure in the months preceding Obama’s victory, he wasn’t working with a criminal fixer to pay off porn stars and playboy models with whom he had allegedly been having extra-marital affairs. Obama actually appreciates and respects his family.” — Morgan Freeman, actor.

TV producer hires simultaneous household helpers to avoid small talk 

“Scheduled the plumber for the sink and technician for the washer machine for the same time today. Mostly so I don’t have to worry about making two separate small talk conversations, now they can talk to each other about how I apparently don’t have any life skills.” — Pat Ward, producer, Fox News Sunday.

Rudy Giuliani makes an idiot of himself on FNC’s Laura Ingraham show 

“Rudy doing a LIVE TV interview, tells Laura Ingraham ‘don’t quote me on that.'” — Sam Stein, The Daily Beast.

Guilfoyle will miss her Fox News colleagues 

“Today I have a bitter-sweet announcement. I’ve decided to leave Fox News Channel and dedicate myself full time to joining America First as Vice Chairwoman, campaigning across the country and firmly standing with President Trump. I will miss my Fox family. I thank Fox for the opportunities it has provided me. I thank all the talented producers, staff, and above all I thank the best fans out there.”

Or will she? A story in The Daily Beast suggests there may have been friction…

The story says that Fox News has internally started a whisper campaign about the alleged real reasons she’s leaving. The most, ahem, scathing of which involves “abusing” the FNC makeup people by making them do her makeup for non-work purposes.

Is forcing someone to brush on eyeshadow a new crime?

FNC’s ferocious PR dragon Irena Briganti insists there is no campaign against Guilfoyle and stands by the network statement that says simply that Guilfoyle and the network have “parted ways.”

She told The Daily Beast, “To suggest anything otherwise is absolutely false, downright malicious, and defamatory.”

Sources “familiar with the situation” told The Daily Beast that Guilfoyle has been considering leaving FNC for quite awhile.

Ben Shapiro faces the autocorrect blues 

“Hey autocorrect, just a note: I will never, ever use the word ‘ducking.'” — Ben Shapiro, EIC, Daily Wire, who is obviously referring to the word “fucking.”

Day in the life of a Mother Jones editorial director 

“One of my favorite things to do is when I walk in to my apartment every time I shout ‘WHaT? How could you do this? Why did you marry me if you were still going to fuck other men???’ I don’t think my neighbors fall for it but it makes me happy knowing they’re not sure.” — Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones, son of you-know-who.

CNN’s Stelter takes a dig at Sean Spicer

“Despite all of Sean Spicer’s TV hits, he hasn’t cracked the top 200 on Amazon. These two pro-Trump books by Fox stars are the big sellers.” — Brian Stelter, anti-Trump rep, CNN.

Spicer’s book is called The Briefing: Politics, the Press and the President. 

WaPo White House reporter Josh Dawsey writes, “Amazon’s two-best selling books right now: ‘The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump’ by Gregg Jarrett and ‘Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy” by Jeanine Pirro.'”

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