Dem Senator Throws Pompeo A Curveball — Pompeo Smiles, Thanks Him, And Knocks It Out Of The Park


John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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Sen. Ben Cardin tried to stump Sec. Mike Pompeo at his hearing Wednesday afternoon, but was left stunned by the secretary’s blistering response.



“The facts is that the Congress passed the CATSA Statute that required sanctions to be imposed, and there are sanctions that are to be imposed under CATSA that have not been imposed,” Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin Said.

He continued, “And the facts are: the administration sought a waiver in regard to it in regard to the national defense authorization act, so I just really want to point out — and we’ve had this from previous administrations, but not as much as we are hearing today — that what Congress is requiring you to do, all of a sudden, you found religion and are taking credit for it. But in reality, you haven’t implemented one time the sanctions that have been passed by Congress.”

“Senator, first of all, that is not true,” Pompeo contested. “We’ve passed a number of sanctions under the CATSA provisions, and it is also true — at least to the best of my recollection — is the Constitution — is the president signed that law, as well, so I thank you for presenting that law. We appreciate it. We think it makes good sense. The president signed it as well. We have passed sanctions under that very law and we have passed sanctions that — senator, previous administrations didn’t do.

“Please read the president’s comment when he signed the law, because it’s very interesting.”