Study: Parents More Likely To Choose Spouse For Daughter Based On Wealth Over Physical Attractiveness

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

Researchers found that parents tend to choose a high income but less attractive man as a spouse for their daughters.

The study took place in Kunming, China and found that daughters chose a male spouse based on his attractiveness over income, which was published in the British Journal of Psychology.

Researchers showed 589 parents and young adults potential spouses with varying levels of income and attractiveness at the Green Lake marriage market. The researchers also interviewed another 230 students at a nearby university for the study. (RELATED: MAKE DATING GREAT AGAIN: Dating Site For Trump Supporters Officially Launches)

“We wanted to test the predictions derived from this parent-offspring conflict over mate choice theory in a naturalistic context, here a Chinese so-called ‘marriage market’, where parents actively help their adult offspring to find a spouse,” said Jeanne Bovet, the study author from the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, France, according to PsyPost.

“In evolutionary biology, there is a theory called the ‘parent-offspring conflict theory’: Because parents and offspring are not genetically identical, a conflict between parents and their offspring can arise, for example concerning the choice of a mate,” Bovet added.

Bovet also noted that people looking for female spouses or for their son chose based on the woman’s attractiveness over her income.

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