Former Dem Candidate Calls Midterms ‘Civil War 2’

America Rising PAC

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A former Democratic congressional candidate recently asserted during a campaign event that the upcoming 2018 midterm elections are “Civil War 2.”


Laura Oatman, who dropped out of the Democratic primary race for California’s 48th district to support Harley Rouda, joined a campaign event for her former opponent this past Sunday.

Tracking video from America Rising PAC shows Oatman using intense rhetoric to describe the upcoming midterm fight for Democrats.

“Together we, all of us, are going to make this happen. [Rouda] is on the ballot because of 126 votes,” Oatman said. “For the next three months our lives are going to be devoted, devoted and dedicated, to making sure that everybody we know and everybody we don’t know gets out to vote.”

“This is Civil War 2, guys!” Oatman said to crowd applause. “So, Civil War 2, alright. We’re not using bullets. We’re using our votes.”

“Our battlefield is in November and November is coming!” she concluded.

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