Meghan McCain: ‘Republicans Are Not Welcome’ In New York City

Mike Brest Reporter
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“The View” co-host Meghan McCain said “Republicans are not welcome” in New York City on Thursday’s show, as evident by Sean Spicer getting heckled while promoting his book the day before in Manhattan.


“Who is doing your media? I wouldn’t do a book signing in New York City. I’d probably be kicked out of the bookstore. Republicans are not welcome here right now in a lot of different ways, and the fact that he’s doing a book signing right now — what did [he] expect is going to happen? I don’t understand,” McCain stated.

“The media is out for Trump scalps right now, and I agree if he wanted to atone, and I don’t know if he believes he lied,” she added.

The hosts on The View were discussing former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer getting heckled while discussing his new book on Wednesday evening.

“Hey, Sean! You’re a real piece of garbage,” the protestor screamed, interrupting the event. “And I hope you look around, and you see all these empty seats, and you realize even in New York City, people will not come and pay money to hear you speak.” (RELATED: Sean Spicer Was Viciously Berated During Book Promotion Event)

“It’s a garbage book, and you’re a garbage person,” the heckler concluded as he was escorted out of the venue.

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