Seth Meyers And Amy Poehler Roast James Comey For His Election Advice

NBC 7/25/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Late-night comedian Seth Meyers and comedian Amy Poehler ripped former FBI Director James Comey for a tweet he sent out pleading with Democrats to avoid voting for socialist candidates during a segment called “Really!?! With Seth & Amy,” on Meyers’ late-night show Wednesday.


“Really, James Comey? You want to weigh in on things when there’s an election coming up? You feel like that’s gone well for you in the past? That’s like Michael Jordan saying, ‘I think I’m going to take another shot at baseball,'” Meyers stated.

“Really!?” Poehler continued. “And as far as I’m concerned, the Democrats can vote for a bong in the shape of Che Guevara and you got nothing to say about it!”

Meyers added, “I’ll take your political advice as soon as I’m done with my Jeffery Dahmer cookbook and my Harvey Weinstein fitness tapes.”

Last weekend, Comey tweeted a warning to Democrats that by “[rushing] to the socialist left” they are doing what the “Republican Party [is] counting on you to do.” He has also gone after the Republican Party in previous tweets. (RELATED: Comey To Democrats: ‘Don’t Lose Your Minds’ And Vote For Left-Wing Socialists)