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Whether you’re a small business owner, an office employee, or a recent college grad, understanding the ins and outs of the world’s most widely used spreadsheet software can only stand to improve your skill set and give you a better shot at success. With The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle: Lifetime Access, master Microsoft Excel on your time while learning to crunch numbers like a pro.

Normally $1380, this Excel bundle is 96 percent off

Normally $1380, this Excel bundle is 96 percent off

The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle: Lifetime Access on sale for $49

This bundle teaches you everything you need to make the most of Microsoft’s flagship software. Kickstart your education in Excel by orienting yourself with its essential features and layout, while also discovering the most popular formulas, which include IF, VLOOKUP, COUNT, SUM, and SUMIF. Meaning, you’ll quickly be able to understand, navigate, find, and use everyday operations in Excel’s ribbon to increase your efficiency at work.

On top of that, this four-course bundle — featuring over 70 hours of instructional video content — teaches you how to crunch numbers like a pro so you can become a data analytics superstar. Using PivotTables, PivotCharts, Dynamic Ranges, and Advanced Charts, you’ll turn buckets of data into sound business decisions and understand how clearly to present your findings to relevant stakeholders with beautiful visuals.

Learn how to make the most of Excel with lifetime access to The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle for $49 in The Daily Caller Shop. For this week only, be sure to use the coupon code DIGITALWEEK50 at checkout for 50% off the final price of the bundle.

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