Dan Bongino Unloads On Tucker Guest: ‘We Are All Dumber For Having Seen That’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Secret Service agent and NRA TV personality Dan Bongino unloaded on Chris Hahn, a radio host and former staffer for New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

Bongino appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” just moments after Hahn, and opened by saying, “I like Chris off the air a lot. He is a great guy, but we are all dumber for having seen that. We may have lost 10 IQ points. You noticed how he scrambled when you asked him a simple question.”

During Hahn’s segment, he had explained that Sen. Schumer meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2002 was acceptable because “it wasn’t 2016” and they were discussing an energy deal, not the presidential election.

Hahn also argued that the Christopher Steele dossier was simply “opposition research” and it didn’t matter that the Russian government had used it to funnel false information into the Clinton campaign. He deflected, saying, “They already had numerous hearings about this the Steele dossier but they won’t have any hearings about what what Don Jr. said to his dad. And we both know, by the way, we both know that Don Jr. told his dad about that.”

By the end of the segment, Carlson was shaking his head. He welcomed Bongino to the show, saying, “I am starting to conclude, Dan, that we are actually complicit in this insanity by playing along with it.”

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