Man Shoves Anti-Islam Protester Into Toronto Fountain, Police Make No Arrests

David Krayden | Ottawa Bureau Chief

A man shoved an anti-Islam protester into a Toronto fountain on Friday while police apparently watched and made no arrests.

The incident occurred at the makeshift memorial erected at the site of Sunday’s mass shooting in the city, where two people died and 13 others were injured. Gunman Faisal Hussain reportedly committed suicide in the attack. (RELATED: ISIS Claims Responsiblity For Toronto Mass Shooting)

Toronto, provincial and federal police forces were all monitoring Hussain, reportedly for his “support” of ISIS websites.


As Global News reported, the protester was thrown into the fountain by an unidentified man who objected to a sign the victim was carrying. It referred to the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and had two lines that read “Little Mosque on the prairie” (sic) and “Two dead girls in Greek Town.” The first line referenced a CBC program depicting the lives of a Muslim family in rural Canada and the second referenced the ethnic neighborhood of the mass shooting.

Someone in the crowd shouted at the protester, “Not all Muslims are bad.” The demonstrator responded, “I don’t know about Muslims, I talked about Islam!”

A woman wearing a hijab then tried to wrest the sign from the protester but was unsuccessful. As the crowed began to shout “Shame! Shame!” A man then pushed him into a fountain, and the crowd applauded.

Police on the scene made no arrests but escorted the protester away from the hostile crowd.

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