Steve Bannon To Trump Supporters: You Might Have To Vote For An ‘Establishment Figure’ To Protect Trump Agenda

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Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday night that “all hands on deck” are needed to help Republicans maintain control of Congress and keep President Trump’s agenda moving forward — even if it means voting for a “RINO” or “an establishment figure.”


“I think this is President Trump’s first re-elect,” Bannon said. “This is gonna be an up or down vote. It’s a referendum on the Trump presidency,” adding that the “opposition will be very focused” on winning.

“The way to win this is exactly like we won in 2010,” said the former Trump advisor, and the way to win is “going door-to-door, ring doorbells, do voter registration drives, and get people out.”

“Everybody that turned out in 2016 have to do it all over again,” he told Hannity. “Or the first action they’re going to take under Nancy Pelosi or whoever the Democratic Speaker is is trying to impeach President Trump.”

Bannon warned that the opposition is “very different” than two years ago when Clinton’s “cockiness” kept the door cracked open for Trump. “This time the #TimesUp movement and the resistance are very focused and they are going door to door.”

“This is all about turnout on November 6,” said Bannon.

Bannon then addressed Hannity’s question about voters who live in a district represented by an establishment RINO, or “Republican In Name Only.”

“This is a national referendum. Whether it’s a RINO, whether it’s an establishment figure, whether it’s either a congressman or a senator that you don’t fully support, that is not the question now,” said Bannon. “The question is about President Trump and his agenda. And you’re gonna have to sometimes vote for people that you’re not totally comfortable with, okay? And this means some establishment figures, some RINOs. It doesn’t matter. This is a national referendum. It’s an up or down vote on the Trump presidency.”

“Everybody’s gonna have to put their shoulder to the wheel,” he added. “We have to leave everything on the field, and no tears.”

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