Recently Obtained Video Footage Shows Former Obama Admin Official Taking Pictures Up Woman’s Skirt

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/National Education Association)

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Surveillance footage obtained and published by shows William Mendoza, a former Obama administration official, following and taking a picture up the skirt of a woman in a DC Metro station, an act that cost him his job in 2016.

Mendoza was the executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, a job that paid $140,000 per year, but resigned in November 2016 and pleaded guilty two months later to attempted voyeurism, which is a misdemeanor. (RELATED: OBAMA AIDE WAS BUSTED FOR TAKING UPSKIRT PHOTOS OF WOMEN AROUND DC) used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain both the investigation report and the footage.


The footage, taken July 5, 2016, contains five sections compiled by the Metro Police Transit Department as a part of their investigation.

One clip shows the former Obama official, cell phone in hand, following a woman in a jean skirt across a ticket hall and onto an escalator. Another clip shows him bending down and taking a photo on the escalator.

After the woman complained to police about his behavior, Mendoza was arrested and charged. After his guilty plea, he received a 90-day prison sentence, a fine of $100, and a year of probation.

Department of Education documents show that Mendoza, who is married, tried at least four times to take pictures and videos up women’s skirts using government-issued phones, reports.

Mendoza is a member of the Oglala-Sicangu Lakota tribe. During his time in the Obama administration, he was a vocal opponent of the usage of tribal mascots by sports teams.

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