CNN Pundit Tells President Trump To ‘Shut Up’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN analyst Harry Enten said that President Trump should “shut up” to help the Republicans in the 2018 midterms.


“I would think my number one piece of advice would be to shut up,” Enten said. “Let the economy do the talking. Every day, [Trump] goes on Twitter and there’s distraction that’s going on. If this election were about the economy, the Republicans would be doing better than they are doing right now.” (RELATED: CNN’s Primetime Ratings Drop 30 Percent From Same Time Last Year)

“I’m not sure there’s very much he can do. I think if Mueller came back and said, ‘Trump didn’t collude. Everything is fine,’ maybe that would help. Beyond that, I mean, look. The president’s approval rating — even though it has risen a little since the beginning of the year — has been stuck in the low forties, and, historically speaking, when that happens, goodbye to your majority.” (RELATED: The Ratings From Last Week Are In, And CNN Is Getting Crushed By Its Competition)